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All cleaning methods demoed on this site are in my opinion the best solution for the specific example outlined in the demo. Note that all stains, spots, carpets, and environments are unique, and the information provided on this site may not be applicable to all viewers circumstances (i.e. stains, carpet type, or environmental conditions). The cleaning techniques explained on this website are not guaranteed to work. Always test all products, tools, cleaning solutions, and methods in an inconspicuous area (i.e. closet, or spare carpet scraps) to ensure color fastness and that the method will not damage the carpet in any way. Always follow manufacturers directions when using recommended products, or cleaning solutions. Please take care of yourself/your family, and use personal protective equipment as directed by product manufacturers. Use the information provided on the website at your own risk. The owner, producer, creator of this content is not liable for any damages that arise from the use or misuse of the information provided.

The information provided on this site is not intended for fine fabrics/fibers such as wool, silk, or other natural fibers. Fine fabrics and fibers have special cleaning requirements, and should be cleaned by a professional who has specialized training and experience cleaning such materials. 99% of carpeting sold in the United States is synthetic material, and does not fall into this category. 

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