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How to Remove Hard Candy From Carpet


When hard candy becomes melted into your carpet, it can be a sticky problem to resolve. Candy is almost entirely made from sugar and dyes. It is important to get all of the sugar out of the carpet so we don't leave a sticky spot that will attract future dirt and soils. It is also important to use a method that prevents the candy dyes from dyeing the carpet and leaving a permanent stain. 

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How to Remove Hard Candy From Carpet


I'm Jimmy - a professional carpet cleaner sharing my stain removal tips and tricks with everyday people.

Step 1 - How to Remove Hard Candy From Carpet
How to Remoe Hard Candy From Carpet Instructons

Step 1 - The method used in this demonstration will remove hard candy from carpet, without damaging the carpet, leaving a sticky sugary residue behind, or leaving the candy dyes behind in the carpet. 

Step 2 - How to Remove Hard Candy From Carpet

Step 2 - One of a carpet cleaners favourite tools is an extractor. Extractors are used to flush spots, stains, or cleaning agents out of the carpet. An inexpensive mini wet/dry vacuum can be used as an extractor. In fact, a wet/dry vacuum can be used to remove all kinds of spots and stains from carpet. 

Step 3 - How to Remove Hard Candy From Carpet

Step 3 - Fill a spray bottle with lukewarm water. Position the nozzle of the mini wet/dry vacuum at the base of the candy. Position the nozzle of the spray bottle at the base of the candy, near the tip of the hose. Start spraying the water under the candy. The water will cause the underside of the candy to dissolve, dislodging it from the carpet fibers. The wet/dry vacuum will extract all of the dyes and sugars. 

Step 4 - How to Remove Hard Candy From Carpet

Step 4 - As the water dissolves the underside of the candy, the candy will release from the carpet. 

Step 5 - How to Remove Hard Candy From Carpet

Step 5 - Once the piece of candy is released from the carpet, continue to rinse and extract the carpet, using water and the wet/dry vacuum. This will flush any final sugars or candy dyes out of the carpet. When done, allow the carpet to dry. 

Step 6 - How to Remove Hard Candy From Carpet

Step 6 - When the carpet dries, the carpet should look new again!

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  • A mini wet/dry vacuum is an excellent tool for anyone trying to remove any kind of spot or stain from carpet! Professional carpet cleaners are using high powered truck mount vacuums to suck, rinse and extract spots, contaminants, and soils from carpets. This method used by professional cleaners can easily be copied (for spot/stain removal) if you have a mini wet/dry vacuum. 

  • Use lukewarm water, not hot water. Hot water may cause the candy dyes to bond to the carpet fibers, resulting in a permanent stain. 

  • When the candy has been successfully removed from the carpet, use a white towel or cloth (applying pressure) to remove any excess moisture from the carpet. Removing as much moisture as possible will help the carpet dry faster.  

  • Do not use this method on silk, wool, cotton, natural fibers, or other fine fibers. These expensive or delicate items should be cleaned by professional carpet cleaners (most of us don't have to worry about this).

  • Use these methods at your own risk.

  • If you have any questions, please use the contact form. We are always happy to help answer questions!

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