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How to Remove Any Kind of Urine Stain From Carpet 

As a someone who has worked in the carpet cleaning business, I can tell you that pet urine stains are one of the most common concerns that my customers have had. Most professional cleaners love pet stains because it means that they get to charge extra fees for the cleaning job, and most customers end up paying these fees because they don't know how to clean these stains on their own. Well I'm here to show you how to treat and remove all kinds of urine messes on your own, without the help of a professional. 

This page will serve as the central instructional hub for all things urine stains. All types of urine (human, cat, dog, other pets) are very similar, and the cleaning process is the same for all types of urine. There are three parts to cleaning/treating urine stains:

Part 1 - How to Find Urine Stains With UV Light - Sometimes urine stains can be hard to see. a UV light/black light can be used to easily spot invisible urine stains. Once we know where these stains are, we can easily clean them up.

Part 2 - How to Remove Urine Contaminants (Urea, Odors, Bacteria, Salts) - This is the most important part of the cleaning process, and also the part that almost all carpet cleaners charge extra for. This step requires the use of special enzyme cleaning products that help break down urine contaminants.

Part 3 - Removing the Yellow Stain - Sometimes pet urine can leave a yellow stain in your carpet. The degree of staining can be a result of the age of the pet, concentration of the urine, pet's medication, or the color of your carpet. Part 3 is all about removing that yellow stain and making the carpet look new again. 

Part 1 - Finding Urine - Compressed.jpg
Part 2 - Treating Urine - Compressed.jpg
Part 3 - Stain Removal - Compressed.jpg
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